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ReeveTec Membranes Ltd is an approved specialist installation company of Gas membranes, Waterproofing membranes, Damp membranes, Water Containment Membrane Systems, YDM 100% Cashmere Beret Hat for Women, Gas Venting System and Invasive Weed solutions (incl. 1/2-20 IFM to 3/8-24 IFF Adapter), based in, St Neots, Cambridgeshire UK.

Gas and Containment Membranes

Our gas membrane products are specifically designed to protect against hazardous gas emissions of which Radon, Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbon gas are the most common. In normal atmospheric conditions these gases would dissipate harmlessly, however when these gases seep in to buildings through cavities, pipe entries and construction joints they become a serious health and safety risk. Our containment membranes range from HDPE, LDPE to EDPM materials for use different applications such as Lakes, Attenuation tanks and Reservoirs. Specification data sheets are available on all our products.
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Our products come with a 25-30 year manufacturer’s guarantee. ReeveTec Membranes Ltd issues a Certificate of Conformity in accordance with BRE 212 and 414 along with our Standard Installation Procedures, SSIP recognised scheme and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our fully trained installation technicians (To NVQ Level 2) use Dem-Tech Pro-wedge welders where possible. We also Supply & Install BBA Certified Gas Membranes, which if required comes complete with a Professional Indemnity Insured Validation Certificate.
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Reptile and Amphibian Fencing

The ReeveTec Trap range of Amphibian and Reptile Fencing has been developed to meet current statutory requirements, whilst at all times ensuring the most sustainable, environmental and commercially aware system can be offered. Manufactured from 100% recyclable HDPE material which are re-usable and low maintenance.

Invasive Weeds

As part of our new service ReeveTec Membranes Ltd, have joined forces with an approved partner to offer advice and eradication of invasive plants. There are a number of ways to identify Japanese Knotweed, although, like any other plant, its shape, size and coloring can vary dramatically from its description if previously treated. Services available for eradication are: Single Season Herbicidal Treatment, Herbicidal Treatment for Environmentally Sensitive areas, integrated on Site Treatment, Soil Screening, and On Site Burial/Integrated cell Encapsulation, Reduced Excavation, Dig and dump. Other Invasive plants to look out for Giant Hogweed, Buddleia, Himalayan Balsam, Ragwort, Horsetail, aquatic invasives. Our experienced installation teams and in house project management for Waterproofing Membranes and Gas Membranes Installations, Lunarable Exotic Armchair Pad and Slipcover, Nautical Elements a and Invasive Weed Solutions (incl. Maybe If We Wait A Little Longer Fks Will Fall From The Sky And), affords an experienced, skilled and efficient service.

Case Studies

We have created several case studies to demonstrate the range of projects we have undertaken and our extensive capabilities. To view them please click here.

At ReeveTec Membranes Ltd we pride ourselves on a swift and professional service.